Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Best of the Pillsbury Press

Here is a quick Top 10 list of the most popular (by numbers read) posts in 2015. I know many of the top hits were shared with others, such as my running community, or the Princeton Public Library. I'm surprised none of my Cuba stories made the list, but collectively the 12 posts did (412).

Mom's wedding dress on display (214)

Meaghan and I as "Balloon Ladies" for the Princeton Half Marathon  (168) 

My thoughts on the passing of Peggy Sue (#1 Running Cheerleader) (156)

Ashley's lessons learned in Europe (155)

My grandmother's wedding dress on display (155)

Dining at a restaurant run by inmates (The Mates Inn) (111)

What I don't want to learn about on FB  (106)

Ava Anderson (100)

Gates of Evangeline review (86)

The passing of our pets (79)

As always, I write the Pillsbury Press to help me record my memories. I'm happy to share these stories with everyone, but I have no intention to go viral or to make a living with our family blog. Comments are always welcome. If I don't like your comment (I recently started to received spam comments) I reserve the right to remove them.

I love hearing about your lives, too. Please share stories with me, no matter how mundane.

Happy New Year!

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