Tuesday, February 17, 2015

PSA: What I don't want to learn about on FB

Social Media, and Facebook in particular, has really changed the way we communicate. I am now able to be in touch with people I knew as a child. I am now able to learn more about people I have barely met, but have an inkling that if we lived closer, we could be truly awesome friends. I am now able to keep in touch with family and long-time friends from all over the globe. 

There is a downside to this social media, though. This week I learned something on Facebook that I had no right learning the way I did. It was something a close relative was not ready to share with the world, but someone else felt necessary to broadcast. They know who they are. They might even be reading this post. The point is not to fix the past, because that will be hard to fix. The point is to set ground rules for the future.

Things I want to learn from my family (aunts, uncles, and cousins are also included) and close friends before "the general public" gets to read about it:

1) Moving (buying/selling a house/relocation...)
2) Changes in marital status
3) Changes in number of children
4) Major health concerns
5) Deaths

Things I don't mind reading about on FB and you do not need to tell me about first:

1) What you ate that day
2) Trips (unless they are to see me, so you can get on the calendar)
3) Cute things your kids did or see

Get it? Daily stuff you do not need to tell me about in advance. Major life changes you do. I will try to give you the same respect. If I don't, feel free to call me out on it.

Feel free to add your must knows in advance in the comments.

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