Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thompson Street 2017

I was in Bordentown on October 30, so I took a sneak peek at Thompson Street. The first year we saw it, the theme was Alice in Wonderland. Ahh... Last year we took a sneak peek before Don's surgery, and the theme seemed to be spiders. Ew.... I wasn't sure what to expect this year. Saturday's weather was perfect for decorating. Sunday it POURED (over five inches in some places near us, not sure how Bordentown fared). Monday and Tuesday have been super windy.

This year's theme is Peter Pan. Here are pictures so you can enjoy it for yourself.

The lead house -- yes, there is a house behind that pirate ship

I wanted to ask him how long it takes to make his 100s of
Jack O-Lanterns, but I dared not disturb him.

It is the little details that make it all the more special.
If Don and Ashley are up for it, we'll return in the next day or two and see how things changed. There is a lot to absorb.

UPDATE: Don and I went back last night. It is quite a party scene on Halloween! They even had a mini Mummers Parade through the crowds.

185 pumpkins -- less this year due to the carver's case of tendinitis

Chris, why don't you move while playing the bass?


Jacquie after running a 10k, how do you celebrate?

By seeing a Broadway Show, of course.

I am on some email lists that send me some amazing deals. Between, TheaterMania, and others I receive deals that are too good to pass up. Ashley is a really big Broadway fan, which adds to the fun.

The latest deal was Buy 1 Get 1 for $10 to see Waitress. They are gearing up for Jason Mraz taking over the role of the male lead, so the sale only went through his start date. I'm okay with that.

The show is remarkably like the movie by the same name, even though the movie is not a musical.

I loved the set. Seems the trend lately has been towards minimalist sets, such as in Come from Away and Hamilton. The set for Waitress seemed to seem to fly together from all sorts of angles. It was fun watching how it would all come together. Ashley was impressed at one point Betsy Wofle (who plays the lead, Jenna) stands up to go on an imaginary bus, sings, and sits down on the couch in her living room without missing a note or taking a glance to make sure the couch is really where it belongs. She said she wouldn't trust it, perhaps because she has not done a professional show (yet).

It was the last warm day and night before fall and winter set it. A perfect night to be out in New York City with my loves.

Trenton 10k - 2017

My running friend Julia often puts it as "sometimes when running you feel like the hammer. Sometimes you feel like the nail." For whatever reason during the Perfect 10 Miler I felt like the nail. My whole body hurt. I could not find my rhythm. My overall pace was dragging.

Fast forward less than a week later and I felt like the hammer at the Trenton 10k. The weather was nearly identical (sunny, mid-40s at the start, warming up through the race, very little wind). Again it was a repeat race for me, so I knew the course and bumped into friends. Somehow the pieces fell into place and I had fun.

It may have helped I did not go for a 14 mile bike ride the day before, or pick up Ashley late from a Sweet 16. Or it could have been the psychological factor that this race was only 6.2 miles instead of 10. 

My race day outfit. I love the Sparkle Skirts. I've also recently discovered Bondi Bands for holding the cell phone while running. I did not use it, though, as I want to do a practice run with it before making a commitment on race day. The shirt is from the Bippity Boppity Boo challenge at Disneyland Paris. Plus my trusty Nike Zooms.

It was a bit nippy as the sun was coming up, so I wore a Mylar blanket from the Disneyland Paris Semi Marathon -- Don and I took ours home for future races. I thought I would snag another one at the end of this race, but they did not have it. Though the blanket doesn't look like much, it really does keep the wind off and does its job.

I took the usual pre-race picture with Michelle and Kim. 

A pre-race selfie. My skills are slowly improving, though I look like Quasimodo in this picture. 

Trenton always starts late. Based on past blogs, it ranges from a 12 minute late start to a 45 minute one. I have long stopped stressing about being at the start an hour early, as per the race packet guidelines. It also helps I know how to get around road closures. The 3-alarm fire on Hamilton Avenue did have the potential of slowing me down. Fortunately no one was hurt and the firemen were able to get it under control.

Back to the start. I saw Agnes, a friend I have made through the Washington Crossing 15k and other races on the towpath. I also saw Stacy and Hilary (photo below). I did not see Gabrielle, but she told me she was there, too. 

8 AM came and went. Michelle predicted a 17 minute late start. Hilary guessed an 18 minute one. It was 17, but they can both have bragging rights. Not sure which side of 17 1/2 it really was. 

The course has been the same for four years. The first year it had to be modified due to Hurricane Sandy. In 2014 they added a 10k option, which is a distance I prefer. Just like the half marathon this course goes into Pennsylvania and back again. I do miss the jaunt through Mill Hill, but do not miss the longer stretches on Route 29. I enjoy going through the overpriced tunnel at the start. 

The lead runner at the time.

Look -- a shortcut on the Pennsylvania side!

Having blogged about the race over the past few years, I'm not sure what to say about my experience this year. I now know to take the sidewalk on the bridges because I don't like the exposed surface on the bridge -- both being able to see to the Delaware River, and the fear of my toes getting caught in the grating. 

I know when I'm feeling like walking and it is flat to push a little further and walk on the uphill instead, because I know where the next uphill will be.

I know where most of the photographers are, though I missed the one I wanted on the bridge. He wouldn't let me back up and take a picture of me anyway. 

I know to relax and enjoy it because (most importantly perhaps) I KNOW I can do it! 

I know where to sit and wait for my friends while enjoying the nice weather and the glow that I did it!

My goal was to beat the lead half marathoner and I did that! I also beat my PR by about about a minute and a half. Would have been more had I not stopped to take pictures. Or not, perhaps because I was enjoying myself I was able to run faster overall.

I know to park on the other side of the prison and enjoy the mural on the walk back to the car.

I also know that I love this year's shirt and medal. Looking forward to warmer days so I can wear that again.