Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween on Thompson Street - Bordentown

My friend Cathi recently told me about Thompson Street in Bordentown, NJ. She said her family always makes it a point to trick or treat there. Huh? What is the big deal about a street in Bordentown, a city we hardly ever visit?

A quick Google search (yes, I know librarians should not encourage Google searches in place of librarians) brought up THIS article. Over a decade ago, professional set designers and residents Frank and Pat created this unbelievable, over the top, decorated street. Between Second and Third streets on Thompson Avenue the street is shut down to vehicular traffic and over 1,000 people come and trick or treat each year. 

Pat and Frank announce the theme at the end of September each year. The article talks about The Wizard of Oz theme, this year it was Alice in Wonderland (in honor of the 150th anniversary of this classic). Most of the houses on this stretch of road get fully into the theme, including the house at the end of the street which decorates 200 jack o'lanterns (according to the wife, that is down from 400 a different year).

Frank and Pat provide some props, as well as decorating their own home. The rest of the residents do as much or as little as they can. My parents drove by at 2:59 PM on Halloween, a minute before the road was closed, and saw people continuing to put on their final touches.

Rather than boring you with my words, I'll let my pictures tell the story. 

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