Friday, November 20, 2015

Cuba - part 9 (classic cars)


I alluded to a "surprise" in the previous post. The bus us companions were supposed to take broke down. We saw lovely tour buses all over the place, but somehow there was not a spare one for us that day. Before going on the trip we had been warned things move on Cuban/Island time. They even have a phrase for it (which I will look up later). 

The surprise was instead of taking a boring tour bus, we would be taking retro cars. Four of them to be exact (the white one is not pictured).

This was a really nice surprise as Martha and I had planned on taking a car around later. It is a "must do" while in Havana.

There are no junkyards in Havana. The cars came into Cuba from the United States up until the embargo started in 1960. Since then, Cubans continue to piece together the cars using whatever they can. Martha's driver (of the lavender car) said his car cost $16,000. A new-ish Kia would have cost $100,000 (and would not be nearly as much fun for the tourists). There are many new tour buses in town. Those are imported from Europe.

We sat six to a taxi (including the driver). The taxis did not have seatbelts, or suspension in the case of my taxi. We lived Viva la 1950s.

Rather than continuing here with what we did, instead I'll post more pictures of cars. May you find one like the one you used to drive, or one your parents owned. 

All pictures can be found HERE


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