Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cuba - part 5 (pictures during the walking tour)


The walking tour was overwhelming with many dates and details that (perhaps luckily for anyone still reading my posts) I cannot remember because I did not take notes. I did take a lot of pictures. We had a gorgeous day with a picture perfect blue sky as a back drop.

Roberto our tour guide was excellent. He talked to us for a few minutes, then set us free to take pictures. I was impressed we did not always stop in places designed to shop (though we also had opportunities to shop), as that is a major pet peeve of mine when on a tour.  Audrey, our Insight Cuba chaperon, made sure no one was left behind or got lost.

We had lunch at a paladar. Paladares are a growing industry of people who open up their homes to tourists for meals. They charge a reasonable rate by our standards (our three course lunch with a drink of our choice (including alcoholic options) was $25), but out of the reach of the locals. We dined family style. We had fish, chicken, rice, beans, salad (we were told to be careful of salads, but I ate mine anyway), plantains, and flan for dessert. I would have liked more veggies, especially sitting between a vegan and a vegetarian, but when in Cuba.

Enjoy that this post is mostly pictures. Forty-three of them.

Thinking of Ashley with all those shoes.

May this picture make it past the censors.

I ended up buying a picture very similar to this.

If you decide to go to Cuba and decide to buy either a license plate or a small baseball bat, make sure you put them in your checked luggage or it will be confiscated. I almost feel the airport security guards resell them to the souvenir shops for extra money. US security did not care.

The pope came before us. They call him Papa Francis (instead of Pope Francis).

A famous club that had crowds in front of it every time we went by it.

We saw some stray dogs and cats, but not nearly as many as we expected to see for a city.

I am enamored by the architecture, especially arches. A very photogenic city.

The Cathedral's doors closed as Roberto was finishing what he was saying and setting us free to go inside. Timing is everything.

Very colorful city.

Reminded me of Paris. This was our only souvenir stop on the walking tour. I bought a hat because I left my straw hat in NJ. It kept the sun away the next day. This square reminded m of being along the Seine in Paris.

Our guide, Roberto

I couldn't get the vendor's attention to ask how much these were. I ended up finding a Tu Kola can on the street for Don.

The fort on the water.

Thinking of Don.

This woman charged 1 CUC for us to take her picture. It was worth it. There were other great photo opportunities, but I was out of change when they happened.

Martha finally found an open post office!

Reminded me of the Hopewell Oxen.

This statue of St. Francis bothers me. I prefer ones of him with animals.

The Buena Vista Social Club.

Our musicians at lunch. Unfortunately their CD comes out "next week."

A mojito. Not my "cup of tea."

The paladare where we had lunch.

As we hopped in the bus for the short ride to the museum we saw these Chinese sailors in dress whites standing at attention. The view through the tour bus does not do it justice.
All pictures can be found HERE


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