Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trenton Half Marathon (2014)

For what it is worth, I am a legacy runner with the Trenton Half Marathon/10K. I am also legacy for the Princeton Half Marathon, and the Perfect 10 Miler. We'll see how long I can keep that up! It is awesome that we have three long distance races in Mercer County. They all started within a year of each other. Ideally, though, they would spread out a bit.

Legacy means I ran the Trenton Half Marathon in 2012, 2013, and now in 2014. 

Race packet pick up was super easy at the Wyndham Hotel (formerly the
Marriott). I scored a 15 minute free parking space across the street from the hotel -- perfect for the quick dash in and out. The swag bag had an ice/heat pouch I have already frozen and used on my achy ankle. The shirt was nice -- long-sleeved tech. Not thrilled about the grey, but that's just my personal preference. Love that it is women's cut. The little towel will go on my shoulder to heat my recovering shoulder.

My complaint with the race is the same complaint -- they just do not know how to start on time. Unlike the Princeton Half Marathon (which does start on time), the Trenton Half Marathon is run by a professional race organization. The first year it was 45 minutes late. Last year was 15 minutes late (we were excited about the improvement). This year it was 22 minutes late (we lost ground). It was also just above freezing. It did not feel all that great standing around waiting for the race to start.

Before the race started I listened to a fife and drum corps play. While hanging out Gabrielle spotted my orange sparkle skirt. We posed for a quick pre-race photo. 

Here is my complete outfit. Note the lovely color coordination with the grey headband and grey shirt, and the orange sparkle skirt matching the orange in the t-shirt. I hope to repeat this combination one day since it was too cold (32 when I drove to the car, but it did warm up to upper 30s before the star) to peel off my orange sweatshirt. I did warm up around mile 5 (of a 6.2 mile race), but didn't feel like wasting time switching the bib around. A zippered sweatshirt would have been a better option.

There is a lot about this race that I do love. I only signed up for it on Tuesday because I was dead set against racing four weekends in a row. Um, okay. In the end it was how bad I felt after doing the Princeton Half Marathon, and my twisted ankle during the Perfect 10 Miler that convinced me to do one more race to end on a good note. My girl reminded me, though, I might break my leg on this race. Fortunately that prediction did not come true. I did enjoy my race in Delaware.

Yesterday I loved not running a half marathon, yet still running a race and having fun. The 10K route still went over the two bridges, and still ended at Waterfront Park (I don't adjust well to name changes).

I missed the leg going through Mill Hill, though. That was my favorite addition last year. 

I found the people on this course friendlier than in my past couple of races. Less people seemed plugged into their iPhones, etc., and more in tune with their surroundings. If I said "you can do it" I got a smile instead of being ignored. Training is a solitary experience. It is nice to have people around me to share the moment.

My goal was to finish my 10K before the first half marathoner finished. That didn't happen. Instead he and his police escort pushed me out of the way as we all entered the chute at Waterfront Park -- he literally elbowed me. Gee, thanks. I don't even think he noticed it. I was trying to get out of the way of the motorcycle.

Love finishing at home plate.

The medal also serves as a magnet and a bottle opener. Harking back to Trenton's roots as the home of Champale?

With this I call my 2014 long distance race season finished! A 5K or less might sneak in, but no plans for double-digit races in either metric or imperial units. 

A few more scenes:
Start of the race on Route 29
Enough with the speeches-- let us run!!
Morrisville, PA -- lots of cheering in the cold weather

Happy to see this sign around the 4.25 mile mark and be heading to the finish line, instead of heading to Cadwalader Park.

City, State
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