Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Local Races

There are a lot of really cool things about running local races. First off, packet pick up is a breeze, there is no extra hurdles to jump through to when all you have to do is drive 10 minutes and pick it up a day or two ahead of time.

There is also a good chance you'll bump into running friends during the race. Even if they are faster than you, it is still a treat to see them. (The picture was taken in Cleveland, but they are still local running buddies, or bunnies, in Sharon's case.)

Along the route, I often hear my name being called by neighbors. In the case of the Nancy Schluter 5K (which they have not run in the past three years), local clergy and other Presbyterians were cheering me to the finish line. You feel like a rock star when someone says "Go, Jacquie!" It is nice nice to hear "love the skirt" (I almost always wear a sparkle skirt), but that much more special to hear my name called.

In Mercer County, NJ we have three awesome long-distance races: the Perfect 10 Miler, the Princeton Half Marathon, and the Trenton Half Marathon/10K. The problem is they happen one after the other after the other. Don pointed out, they could all happen on the same weekend, so I should be grateful for small favors.

Both the Princeton and Trenton races were slated to start two years ago (making this their third year), but Hurricane Sandy cancelled the Princeton Half that year. The Perfect 10 Miler started last year in mid-October, but moved to the end of October this year.

On the plus, I'm as trained as I'll ever be for these races. 

On the minus , there is no time to recover between each of them, especially
since I twisted my ankle on the first of the three. Between going to bed early the night before a race, waking up early for the race, running it, and recovering from the race, it takes up a chunk of time each weekend, as well as money.

I do enjoy it, which matters a lot. I just wish one of these three awesome races would move to the spring.

See some of you Saturday in Trenton!

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