Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why am I running faster?

Why am I running faster?

In the past year I have consistently knocked off between 30 and 60 seconds a mile off of my pace. I am slowly turning into a middle of the pack runner, and loving it. Recently I ran a training 5K at 33 minutes. Okay, for many of my running friends that is still a back of the packer. For me I was happy a year ago when I broke 35 minutes

I could just take the faster pace and be happy, or try to analyze it.

Reason 1: I changed my diet following a diagnosis.
Reason 2: I lost about 10 pounds this year because of that change in diet.
Reason 3: I changed my running/walking intervals from 2 minutes:1 minute to 1 minute:30 seconds (Jeff Galloway recommends walking intervals to be no more than 30 seconds)
Reason 4: I took up yoga
Reason 5: I started biking (cross training?)
Reason 6: I stopped trying so hard and just went out and enjoyed my runs
Reason 7: Awesome weather
Reason 8: New sneakers
Reason 9: I stopped running as often (1-2 times a week instead of 3-4 times a week).
Reason 10: A cosmic alignment of the stars and planets

Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, I am enjoying running a consistent sub-11:00 minute mile and after 5 years start to understand why others actually enjoy running and look forward to it.

Happy running!

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