Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spiritual Journey

I take a lot of walks. Some are for exercise. Some are with a purpose (to go someplace). Some are to clear my head. It was during this latter walk that I had an epiphany of sorts: I want to know what God wants for me to do with my life.

Sit with that thought a moment. What would my life look like if I followed God's path instead of my own?

How do I figure that out? There are so many messages in the world. So many ways to "do good." Is it enough to "be good" or is there something active I should be doing? 

I suspect I am not the only one pondering questions like this in my life. I feel as if I am ready for "a change," but I don't know what that change is. 

I came home from that walk and checked Facebook. There was a message from one of my former pastors announcing that he and his wife were looking for people to guide in a path of Spiritual Discernment. I prayed and pondered on the post. The next day I messaged him. 

With busy lives it took a few weeks to get together, but we did. I was able to articulate a lot of what is on my mind, hopefully clearer than the thoughts are flowing from my fingers right now.

We don't meet for counseling. He doesn't tell me what God wants me to do. There is no "homework." He does want me to continue to listen for God's voice. There was more to our meeting, but as it is confidential and I am not ready to share my end, I simply ask you to pray for me to pluck God's voice and His path for me out of the distractions of life.

I know I want to prune some busy-ness out of my life and free up my heart, mind, and soul for a purpose. Help me to hear what that purpose is for me.

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