Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Carolers in Lawrenceville

About a week ago I heard what sounded like trick or treaters outside. An odd sound on a December evening. There it was small voices giggling and sounding as if they were coming up to the front door.

Then I heard the door bell. There were trick or treaters visiting. 

No, wait, just because we have been blessed with 60 degree days in New Jersey this December, it does not mean trick or treaters. Or does it?

I answered the door and was greeted by 8 grade school and middle school aged girls. None of whom I recognized. At least one was wearing a uniform from a local school (not Ashley's school). They said they were from the neighborhood and pointed to the other side of Bergen -- where I run and walk many days, but only know a couple of families. I could see their moms by the curb.

The kids sang "Jingle Bells." This caught Ashley's attention and she came downstairs to see what was happening. Unfortunately Don was not home.

They handed us each a candy cane for listening. I was stunned into a proper response (which I was later told would be to give them some "figgy pudding") but did ask if they had any requests for the Little Free Library on the corner. One girl asked for more Kit books -- not just American Girl books, but Kit books. Love her!

For once rather than taking pictures, I enjoyed the experience. As I write, I wish I had a picture to post.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go caroling at Heidi's annual caroling party, but as we got there late, I opted for hanging inside and letting my girl hang with her girl and her friends.

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