Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Can't Fix What is not Broken

For too many years now I have been disappointed with how some relationships have turned out. Whether they are acquaintances I would have like to have blossomed into friendships, or family members I wanted to get to know better, I have been left wondering what I could do to "fix" the relationship.

The conclusion I came to today while trying to meditate during my walk was you can't fix what is not broken. There are certain relationships in my life that while I deem them to be relationships just are not and I have to accept that. 

This is not coming out nearly as eloquently as I had it figured out on my walk. As I am mostly writing for myself, that is okay. I won't name names in case others do stumble upon this post some day.

These are not "relationships" in the sense that both parties enjoy spending time with each other and truly care about each other and all that surrounds them. They are one-sided -- my side. 

I can't keep beating myself up because they won't accept me. I need to give myself permission (over and over again it seems) to move away from these types of relationships and to openly embrace the kind that are two-way streets.

May that be my first resolution for 2016.

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