Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Good-bye old friend

Back when Don was a teenager his parents bought a 1976 Vega as their family car. Don fell in love with that car. When it was time for him to become a driver and to own his first car, that is the car he wanted.

LC (Little Car) as the car was affectionately known served him well through high school and college. There came a time, though, when he decided to buy a "grown-up" car, one that would be able to make the drive from Ewing, NJ to Dallas, TX for training when he worked for EDS. That's when he bought the Honda Prelude with the sunroof. LC was put to pasture in his parents' garage. In 2000 when we bought this house, LC moved into our garage. I sat in her for the first time when Don pushed her out of the garage onto the driveway to try sell.

After a number of months on the driveway, and making a bunch of phone calls, Don was led to a Facebook group for Vega lovers. He posted LC and within an hour someone from across the river offered to buy her.

With some sadness we say good-bye to LC. The man who bought her plans on fixing her engine and racing her. It would be great to see her get a second life after sitting around for nearly 30 years. In the end, she went surprisingly quickly as the new owner pulled up with a tow truck and was gone about 10 minutes later.

Here are some LC pictures:

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