Thursday, August 21, 2014

My First International Race - Montreal, Canada

 As one of my 2014 Resolutions I declared I wanted to run a race is a state I've never run in before. I achieved that goal last month in NYC. When we decided to make our Canada trip low key this year while Ashley went to summer camp and we took care of our sick dragon, I looked into races in the Montreal area. I found this one. It was a 5K race in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, about 20 minutes away from Chris's house.

I represented Team Sparkle at the race. Team Sparkle are a group of friends who often wear Sparkle Skirts at races. I was the only person wearing a cute running skirt. I guess that should have been my first clue that the other runners were more hardcore than I am.

As far as races go, this was a 5K race. It was raining all day. There was a 1K race at 6:30, followed by a 2K race at 6:45. Then the 5K started at 7:30. It was pouring during the 1K. I'm not sure what happened during the 2K, but I suspect it was still raining. 

By the start of the 5K the rain stopped and the humidity levels dropped. The roads were still wet, but it was nice and cool outside. 

The course was a loop around the civic center neighborhoods and back again. I did not hear any French along the course. The other note of interest is that the mile markers were in kilometers instead of miles. As American runners know, we might state our race is so many kilometers long, but our splits are in miles. I know, it doesn't make sense. It is just what is done.

The post race gathering was held on a hockey rink (it is Canada after all). They served corn on the cob. This is currently the oddest post-race food I have ever seen. It was also the tastiest. Slathered in butter in salt it was perfect. I hope I don't lose my rights as Jersey girl over this, but it was very good corn. Just as good as Jersey corn.

I looked around the crowd and had this fleeting thought that I might just place in my age category. I suspect the rain kept a number of people away. Well, that was dashed when I saw the results. Though I had a PR, and accomplished another one of my goals for the year, I was 59 out of 61 for my age category, 557/580 overall. Times ranged from 14:52 to 47:10. I'm happy with my time of 34:39 -- the first time I have broken 35 minutes in a 5K. 

The only downside -- no medals to add to my collection.

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