Friday, August 22, 2014

365 Photo Challenge

If you have seen me this year, you've probably seen me with a camera in my hand and my eyes distracted looking for a good photo subject of the day. I'm sorry. I am listening to you. Really!

After two years of hemming and hawing I decided to dive in and do the 365 photo challenge. As this is the end of August, I'm nearly 2/3 complete. 

What is the challenge? 
On the surface the challenge is to take a picture each day and post it at . 

Okay, that doesn't sound too hard, what is the catch? 
The catch is you have to take a picture every day and post it. It isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes (like at a day at Disney) the challenge is finding ONE picture to post. Other days as I'm falling asleep I remember to snap a photo of something. Anything.

Is there a prize at the end?
No. Nothing tangible like a medal. The prize is that by taking lots of pictures in the end you learn how to work with your camera to take the best pictures without spending too much time changing settings and losing your subject.

Here are a sampling of my pictures. Visit to see all of them.

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