Monday, August 4, 2014

Can I do it?

I've already written extensively about my running tales. This is about my latest challenge: biking.

Can I do it? The last time I seriously rode a bicycle was when Don and I did the NYC 5 Borough bike ride long before Ashley was born (late 1990s as a guess). After 40 miles, I got off that bike and swore I would never ride a bike again. For the most part, I kept that promise to myself.

A few years ago I convinced myself to try again. I bought a bike from the Trenton Boys and Girls Club's Bike Exchange in Ewing, NJ. I rode it about a mile and said "nope, not for me." The bike has been collecting dust ever since.

Not long after that I got the itch to do a triathlon before I turn 50. Have you ever seen me swim? Have you ever read a blog post about my swimming? 

You just read about my experiences with biking. 

Maybe this isn't the best goal.

Well, I still have a number of years to go, maybe things will change?

A couple of weeks ago I read this blog post about a running doing her first duathlon. Suddenly the light bulb went off in my head. I could do that! 

Couldn't I?

I reached out to my vast network of running friends and asked about local duathlons. The recommendation was the Bucks County Duathlon: 2 miles running, 10 miles biking, 2 miles running. 

I know the running will be fine, but what about the biking? Mind you, I've blocked out the part where I have to run, then bike, then run. 

Last week I hopped on Ashley's bike and rode about a mile. So far so good. 

Today I hopped on her bike and rode 6.2 miles. Much better!

Maybe later this week I'll run a bit. Hop on the bike and ride a bit. 

I can do this. Right? 

Stay tuned for the actual answer to that question on August 31.

If I survive this, then I guess I need to learn how to swim. Good thing I still have just over 5 years on that goal. It might take me that long to master swimming.

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