Sunday, August 24, 2014

Run Like a Pirate

Many people have heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day, but how many of you have heard of Run Like a Pirate Race? 

Probably not many because the official name is Talk Like a Pirate Day Run/Walk. Plus it is a virtual race, meaning send in your money, and they will mail you a bib and a medal. You, in return, list your time. It's that easy. Technically, you don't even HAVE to run or walk, but my friends don't roll that way. Instead we created a real "race" to go along with the real bib and real medal.

Sharon, Stacy, Sandra, Gabrielle, Terry, Diane, and I ran/walked/crawled a 5K in Mercer County Park. We had sag support (Don on bicycle). Photographers (Connor, Ross and Don). Post race pizza (Kevin) and snacks (Gabrielle, Stacey, and Sandra). We even had bandits (people running the same route as us not realizing we were doing a "real" race), a finish line (a dirty sock and a flag) and a medal ceremony. 

Best of all, we had fun.

PS1: As you can see in our awards ceremony photo, Team Sparkle was well represented at this race. Nearly half of the races wore sparkle skirts.

PS2: The virtual race is accepting registrations through September 19. It is a very nice medal and they shipped quickly. There is "talk" about having another virtual real race in September.

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