Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Based on my success with posting my 2013 resolutions, I decided to do the same this year. I found a monthly update in the comments helped me to stay on track.

1) A carry over from last year: host an open house or other large party. This still overwhelms me and brings me out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoy catching up with friends.

2) Plan to run/power walk at least 520 miles this year -- that is only 10 miles a week, but as we anticipate a large snowstorm, it feels like a challenge. I might revise this mid-year.

3) Read at least 100 books, which is similar to what I read this year. Still, it is a nice round number. Keep the books updated in my Goodreads account

4) Meatless "Mondays." We've dabbled with the idea of going vegetarian, this year I plan to make a real step in this direction. The quotes around Monday are because we already have plans to go to a Colonial dinner on one Monday, and there is nothing vegetarian on their menu.

5) At least one race in either a new state, or out of the country. States raced in so far include: California, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That leaves a lot of options open.

6) A chip time of under 35:00 in a 5K (so close on this one). A PR in a half would be nice, too (under 2:43:36).

7) Becoming a better photographer. Yeah, that goal is too vague. Attempting a 365 photo project.

8) I want to add a professional goal for 2014, but I don't have one just yet. 2013 took me on many wild adventures. I'd like to continue looking for a permanent position (with benefits) while continue to build my freelance business. I know, I probably should stick with one or the other.

9) Environmental goals:
a) Participate in town-wide composting program (signed up, but more families are needed).
b) Get rid of two items for every one that comes into the house, with the except of consumables (such as food and toiletries). I'm behind in this goal as we bought a mirror and a Christmas tree on day 1, but did not discard anything. Not sure how this will work since ideally I want to give things away (one man's trash is another man's treasure) but then the items will be in a holding pattern in our basement.


  1. January update:
    1) Had the whole family over to celebrate dad and Don's birthdays. Baby steps.
    2) Not on track for the running goal. I've been good to get out twice a week for 3 miles each time.
    3) 14 so far.
    4) We've had success on the nights we have done it. I'm trying new recipes and so far they have been hits.
    5) No races in January, in NJ or out of.
    6) Again, no races yet this year, but I've had a few training runs under 35 minutes so there is hope.
    7) I've posted a picture for every day in January (okay, I haven't done the 31st yet).
    8) Still working on a professional goal. I'm feeling the itch for something more permanent.
    9) a) Trying to encourage people to sign up.
    b) Not happening.

  2. February updates:
    1) Made plans to have a Kappa party in April.
    2) Very far behind in this goal.
    3) 28 books read so far
    4) Having great success with MM
    5) Still no races, yet. Race season will be here soon enough.
    6) Still hovering around 35:30 in training.
    7) Still posting a photo everyday, even when I don't want to.
    8) Accepted a job as a one-day-a-week librarian in Roosevelt. Freelancing is on hold.
    9) same.

  3. March updates: overall way off goals.
    1) Kappa party to take place next month.
    2) Far behind in my mileage. Doing good to do half those miles. I have signed up for a 10 mile race in October, so the second half of the year will have more miles in it.
    3) 41 books so far. Guess with not running, I have more time to read.
    4) I took off this week from this goal, but have been having more than one MM meal a week.
    5) Only one race so far, and that was in NJ.
    6) Closer to 35:00 in training.
    7) Still posting a photo a day. Some days I take lots of pictures, other days I don't.
    8) Started my one day a week librarian job. No health benefits, but I do get paid for days off, and am paid overtime for extra days worked.
    9) Not happening.

  4. April updates (two weeks late):
    1) Nope.
    2) Still behind, but having more weeks where I actually get out for three runs.
    3) Lost count, but on track.
    4) Still on track with MM. Many hits. Trying many new recipes.
    5) Second race of the year was at Rutgers, but still in NJ. Hoping to sign up for one in NYC.
    6) Hovering near this goal in training.
    7) Still posting a photo a day. Some days are easier and more exciting than others.
    8) Still at the one day a week librarian job, plus freelance for ODP, plus writing for US1. Keeps me busy.
    9) I see this as being carried over to 2015. ;)

  5. May updates:
    1) Nope. We hosted two birthday parties for Ashley.
    2) Still behind, but have had more weeks of running 10 miles, just not many weeks of exceeding the goal. Training picks up in July.
    3) Lost count, but am on track.
    4) Still on track with MM, lots of hits, unfortunately also hitting some food ruts.
    5) Found a race I want to do in NYC, but need to register for it. It will take place in July.
    6) Hitting this goal more often in training. Need to sign up for a 5K and do it in reality.
    7) Still posting a photo a day. Nearly broke the streak last week, but woke up in time and took a picture of the dragon at 11 PM.
    8) Same, wearing too many hats and not feeling fulfilled with any of them.
    9) The township is closer to its goal of 300 families. I'm struggling with this goal. Struggling with decluttering, too.

  6. June updates:
    1) No big parties this month.
    2) Still behind. Between being on vacation and the heatwave, I have been running a lot less often this year.
    3) 76 read so far and the year is just half over.
    4) Slacked off this month due to lousy choices on vacation, but when given the opportunity for a veggie or hemp burger over a meat one, I took it.
    5) Should have raced in Portland, OR. The race was a mile from the hotel. Trouble was I only discovered it as it was starting and I was still in the hotel room. Missed opportunity.
    6) With the lack of training runs has come a slide in my running times. If it doesn't happen in July's race, I'll have to find one in the fall.
    7) Still posting a photo a day, even when I don't want to.
    8) Finished the librarian job, putting out feelers for next school year. Leaning towards working more for Karen and not for a school. Best opportunities for flexibility.
    9) The township has 200 families signed up. Still need another 100.

  7. July updates..
    Kappa party
    Race in NYC?
    Cleaned out garage

    1. 1) Big party in honor of George and Martha's wedding.
      2) Not a chance of catching up to that goal, but thems the breaks.
      3) I keep reading. I'm sure I'll easily make this goal.
      4) Continuing to do well with the Meatless Monday goal.
      5) Raced in NYC!!! My times were lousy, but I did it!
      6) Still not there.
      7) Still posting a photo a day.
      8) Freelance work has been pretty dry this summer.
      9) The town is also stalling in this goal. Not sure how to get the word out.

  8. August updates
    1) No parties. :)
    2) Now that I've started biking, I might make this goal since the GPS tracks both. On the other hand, that feels like cheating.
    3) Still reading a few books a week. Have not been good about updating GoodReads, but I do update my spreadsheet.
    4) Continuing to do well on the Meatless Monday goal. Ashley has been great about at least trying everything. Need to try new recipes next month as I have been getting into a rut.
    5) Race in Montreal!! My first international race. :)
    6) Made this goal with a time of 34:39!
    7) Still posting a photo a day (okay, a few days behind, but will catch up as soon as I can get back on Don's computer).
    8) Freelancing has still been dry. I'd like to go back to writing biographies. I need to find subjects willing to pay me, though.
    9) The town is still stalled with this goal. We are taking our compost to a neighbor's house (which is cutting down significantly on the amount of trash we generate) but can't seem to get the word out about the project.

  9. September and October updates
    1) No parties
    2) Even with long races, this goal is not achievable
    3) Still reading a lot, but not updating Goodreads as I should
    4) Meatless Monday is going well. Everyone is willing to try new recipes.
    5) Raced in Massachusetts (September) and Delaware (October)
    6) Still working on maintaining that pace with more regularity.
    7) Still posting a photo a day.
    8) I've had a lot more stories with US 1 (etc) but have not taken the plunge to start the biography business.
    9) The town is stalled in this goal, but we are voting on a bag resolution this week.

  10. November and December updates:
    1) No parties
    2) Blew that goal
    3) Read 139 books, but only logged 15 on Goodreads
    4) Was good about Meatless Monday through the end of November. Meatless eating became part of our regular eating and does not need to be a separate part of the week.
    5) Did not race in a new state this month.
    6) The twisted ankle slowed me down.
    7) Maintained this goal. :)
    8) Threw it out to FB world that I want to write memoirs, but I still need a client.
    9) The bag resolution flopped. The town has stalled on their goals. We are working on purging in the hopes of selling next year.