Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln

What do Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

a) They both adorn US Currency
b) They were both born in February
c) They both lived during the 19th Century
d) We had dinner with both of them 
e) All of the above

Yes, oddly the answer is E, all of the above.

Abraham Lincoln lived from February 12, 1809-April 15, 1865.
Susan B. Anthony lived from February 15, 1820-March 13, 1906.

We continued a six-year tradition by dining with Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln on a chilly Monday evening at the Cock and Bull restaurant in Lahaska, PA (Peddler's Village). This year my parents came with us, which added to the conversation.

Each of these actors is phenomenal. They make you believe you have stepped back in time. It makes for some really good conversations because you can ask them anything related to their character, and they will answer you. Last year Ashley was working on a project about Lewis and Clark. Interviewing them was like interviewing the 19th century explorers (it was a project on historical fiction, so they were truly assets in guiding further research).

Don asked Susan B. Anthony about her views on bicycling (many suffragists from her era embraced the bicycle as a way of freeing up women so they could go more places on their own). She admitted she never rode a bicycle (she felt she was too old) but admires it for the younger generation. Then she turned to Don and asked "did you hear otherwise?"

Later while talking to my mom she talked about the importance of women being allowed to vote. My mom mentioned that she and my dad often cancel each other's votes out. Noticing the huge bandage on my dad's nose (he had minor surgery on it earlier that day), she made sure that the discussion did not turn violent.

The funniest moment to me was when Susan B. Anthony confided that she no longer wears a corset. Oh my! I believe that falls under the TMI category.

We asked President Lincoln what he thinks about the Ford Theater. He told us about the three Booth brothers, all fine actors. Edwin Booth saved his son, Robert Todd Lincoln, when the boy was nearly crushed by a train. Less than a year later, John Wilkes Booth assassinated the President.

The Colonial dinners run annually on Mondays from January through March at the Cock and Bull. 

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