Thursday, January 2, 2014

Colonial Ball 2013

About five or six years ago we attended our first Colonial Ball in Trenton. That year neither Ashley nor I had a ball gown, so we just wore fancy attire. Carin made Ashley a Colonial gown, which she wore to future balls, including this year. Yes, 5 years later Ashley was able to squeeze into her ball gown. Fortunately mine still fits. Ashley has grown taller, but not wider. She added a skirt from her friend Maia's dress up collection and was good to go (so long as she didn't make any sudden moves or breath in too deeply).

This year we got smart and invited Maia along to dance with Ashley. Maia wore the dress Ashley wore two years ago. As the dances are all partner dances this made our group and even four. We met Neil and Patti (below in red) and my parents and Hayden. Dad was happy to be able to sit out some dances and let Hayden dance with mom.

As an added bonus, I met up with Doreen, a friend from high school who is a re-enactor.

The ball is part of Patriots Week. It remains a bargain at $15 for adults and $7.50 for children. The first few times we went, Ashley was the only child, so they let her slide in for free. With listing a price for children, more people have felt comfortable bringing their children. The addition of small ones has made the ball feel less formal. This year for the first time, I could even follow most of the steps. 

A word to the wise...when offered a "tour" of the historic building, turn them down. The "quick tour" turns into an hour-long sales pitch on becoming a mason. While it is a worthy cause, no one wants to spend an hour of a three hour ball being educated on how the masons are a worthwhile organization, at least if you are a man. Women need not apply, but are welcome to sit in on the presentation. If you are that interested, just look them up online and make an appointment.

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