Monday, January 9, 2012

Colonial Ball

I love Patriot's Week in Trenton. I wish the activities of Patriot's Week continued throughout the year. I also wish Patriot's Week could be celebrated in July instead of in December, but Washington crossed the Delaware in December so the reenactments take place in December. Patriot's Week is a wonderful celebration of the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

The group always puts together an amazing collection of events. This year I only participated in three program: "Janice Meredith" (a silent film that takes place in Trenton), a worship service at the First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, and the Colonial Ball.

We love the Colonial Ball.

This year Patti and Neil Burd joined us at the ball. We loved having someone with us to laugh as we tried to learn the steps. The caller makes the steps sound so easy. That confidence lasts until we try to follow the calls. Having a good sense of humor is key. Laughing helps a lot.

On February 25, the First Presbyterian Church of Trenton will host Washington's Ball. We are all hoping to put our dancing skills to use again at that event. Please join us!

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