Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Predictions

Each year as we wrote our annual paper version of The Pillsbury Press we would make predictions about the upcoming year. Unfortunately we never wrote down what we thought would happen to compare it with what did happen.

For the first time, here is my list of predictions for the New Year.

1) Our travels will keep us in North America, but should include at least one trek into Canada. Aiming to go to Columbus and Boston to see family, and California for a friend's wedding. 

2) I will continue to do freelance work, while a part of me yearns for a regular paycheck and all the good that comes with it.

3) Ashley will still be at the same school. 

4) We will take more trips to follow Don's biking adventures (so far 3-4 planned) than to follow my races (so far none planned), and I'm okay with that.

5) At least one of us will have a SmartPhone. Ashley will have a cell phone by the end of the year, and cease being the only kid on the planet without one.

Yes, we are looking at a quiet year for 2014. Looking forward to seeing what really happens!

Happy New Year!

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