Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Wovel

Announcing...the WOVEL!

Faster and safer than a shovel.

Cheaper, smaller and more eco-friendly than a snow blower.

The wovel attaches a wheel to a shovel, using basic machines (wheel, lever, etc.) to propel the snow to the side of the driveway. Okay, I didn't do so well with that section of science. I just know it works. 

In less time than it takes our neighbors to get their snowblowers up and running, Don can wovel our entire driveway in 10 minutes flat, and have energy left over to help other neighbors with their driveways.

Don's chiropractor likes it because it is gentle on the back muscles.

Don bought his in January 2011, but it took us three years before it got some serious use, and led to conversations about it. It is worth it for the magic of keeping snow storms away for three years. ;)

To learn more about the wovel visit:

It is available at Amazon for $139.00, plus free shipping.

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