Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Wrap Up

As I sit in on the couch in a quiet house, I am reminiscing about 2015. I looked at my list of resolutions and realized I didn't fail them as much as I thought I did. 

I thought I had running goal saying I would only do races between 5 and 10 miles, which I failed on both ends with a fundraising 5K race for Ryan and as a Balloon Lady for the Princeton Half Marathon, but that was not an actual stated goal. Not sure if I am ready to make it a 2016 goal, either. I've been running faster during training and would like a new 5K official PR (Ryan's race didn't count because somehow I cut 2/10 of a mile off of the course).

I did try to spend more time with people who like me. Last month I had my first Workers without Offices lunch and was encouraged to make it happen more often. Unfortunately I continue to mourn the loss of friendships, and of relationships that are not the way I want them to be, but I don't know how to fix them. My 2014 Festivus gripes hold true again this year.

We are not getting anywhere with purging as I get hung up on the proper way to get rid of things. We did clean out the garage in order that my car can fit in there this winter. It is a tight space and I have not used it yet, but the option exists. Unfortunately we did not get rid of anything for that to happen, instead we squeezed everything to the other side of the garage.

I have not been good about giving God the first 5-10 minutes of my day. It seemed like a reasonable goal. I have started a spiritual journey and am struggling to include some form of meditation into each day. I have not found the method that works consistently for me. Walking and thinking helps a lot, but my mind wanders a lot. I think I will try journaling soon. I've already starting posting a few of my random thoughts on the blog, but there are other thoughts I'm not as ready to go public with.

I did nothing with my memoir business, yet the idea aches inside of me yearning to come out. This could really turn into my passion, if only I did not get hung up on the business end of things. How do I start my own business? Which comes first -- clients or setting up an EIN and way to be paid? How much to charge people to tell me their stories and for me to record them? How do I convince people this is worthy of being paid? I'm hoping and praying my spiritual journey will help me find some of these answers.

I'm still mulling over resolutions for 2016. My quick trip to Cuba gave me the bug to visit more countries. I'm disappointed I did not go to the Holy Land this week with our church. It was too soon financially and emotionally after the Cuba trip. I want to be able to take the opportunities the next time they come up. There are many places around the world I still want to explore, and others I want to visit again.

2016 will bring a new school for Ashley as she graduates from her K-8 school. What will the year also bring? I do want 2016 to be an awesome year for myself, for my family, and for everyone I know.

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