Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Leaving My Comfort Zone -- Corks and Canvases

One of my 2016 Resolutions is to leave my comfort zone more often. I know, that is vague.

I took my first step in this direction with an art "class" at Corks and Canvas in Lawrenceville, walking distance from my house. It has been on my list of things I've wanted to try, but not not tried (for a variety of lame reasons). My daughter's class was hosting a fundraiser there so I knew I would know SOMEONE going (one of my lame excuses taken care of). 

Corks & Canvas (i.e., multiple bottles of BYO alcohol and one painting each) is located in the former Sonny's ice cream parlor, which became the better known Peggy Sue's on Gordon Avenue. Just being in the space brought back memories of hanging out with Sonny and hearing stories about his attempts to break into the movies (he had a couple of roles as an extra). I wonder whatever happened to him?

The class mom in charge of the fundraiser chose our picture. They have lots of options. You don't need to wait for a group outing to go, they post the pictures they are planning to paint in their website and you can go with a friend or alone and make new friends. 
I was a little late (no great surprise there since I lived the closest and walked). I was seated next to Ashley's teacher, Miss S. A couple of other teachers came to the fundraiser. First we painted the background by blending paints together (so out of my league already). Then we had a chance to refresh our beverages and relax before painting the tree , moon, clouds, and leaves. 
The evening was fun and I did something I have not done since I was in high school -- I created a real piece of artwork. It was neat to see how everyone's painting turned out. We each received the same instructions, yet in the end they are all unique.
It was also fun listening to the moms after they had some wine. Sentences such as "my daughter would be so embarrassed if she heard me" and "what happens at Corks and Canvas stays at Corks and Canvas" could be heard. Then plans were being made for a bar hopping road trip to Vegas before graduation for a grown up party. We'll see what reality brings. THAT would be WAY out of my comfort zone. I realized there is a reason I have not bonded with some people, we have different ideas of a nice night out. BTW, only a few were stinking drunk, and no teachers.

Any thoughts on how I should leave my comfort zone next? Someone suggested next time I get stinking drunk and take up pole dancing. Hmm... I've heard pole dancing is great exercise. Not sure my pancreas really wants to process all that alcohol. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking of joining a networking group and making my memoir business a reality. I'm also thinking about joining a francophone group and speak French again. I'll keep you posted.

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