Thursday, June 30, 2016

Library Boxes in Trenton

Many of you know I have a Little Free Library sitting in front of my house. It was a birthday present. 

Jacque Howard has taken the Little Free Library movement and ratcheted it up quite a few notches. He, and a group of local artists, are taking old newspaper boxes and converting them into Little Free Libraries throughout the city of Trenton. He calls his project Books on the Block. Earlier this month he hosted an unveiling at Champ's Bar in Trenton (across from the former Rossi's). A quick search for how many boxes will be made and distributed throughout Trenton did not yield an answer. Hopefully Jacque will read this and chime in and I can update it.

Here are some pictures from their grand opening. The boxes will never be this close to each other again. Each was created by a different artist, most (if not all) from Trenton. The hope is different people and businesses will want to adopt the boxes and keep them supplied with books, and looked after. They have plenty of donated books, and continues to seek more. does not want to make this a hardship for anyone, instead they are trying to unite the town, much as what happens each year with Art All Night.

Putting the finishing touches on her box.
THIS Mercer Me story goes into a lot more details. The gist is the same, but the article mentions the donors (Trenton Downtown Association and Classics Books) and gives more information.

Tons more boxes like this are at Champs.

Every community would benefit from having a Jacque Howard live in it and advocate for it.

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  1. Jacquelyn,
    Thank you for the post and sharing about the project.

    People can stay connected and via the Facebook page "Library Boxes of Trenton NJ" and Twitter @libraryboxttn

    Here is a link to several audio interviews regarding the project.