Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let's Ride Lawrence

For the past few years a few Sustainable Lawrence has organized a ride in honor of their founder, the late Ralph Copelman. The purpose of the ride, also called "Let's Ride Lawrence," is to encourage people to use their bicycles more and depend less on their cars, just like Ralph did. This year's ride was held on Sunday, June 6 at 10 AM, a time when there is very little traffic.

I'd guess about 20 people participated in the ride, including the three of us. The weather was potentially drizzly, which may have kept some other people away.

We gathered at the high school, crossed Princeton Pike, rode on some side streets before turning left, the left again. The hardest part was probably crossing Route 206. We cut through Rider's parking lot (they were paving the main area), and then rode on the Johnson Trolley Line for a bit. I highly recommend everyone check out the Johnson Trolley Line, it is flat and relaxing. When the Federal Government grants decides to build a bridge over I-195 then the northern and southern sides of the trail will be connected. After we left the Trolley line, we turned left and crossed 206 again (in a less populated area) and returned to the school.

With the exception of Don having a flat tire, the ride was a success. One person turned off near his home, but everyone else finished. After the ride Don continued with one of the organizers to help take down the red balloons used to indicate turns. I came home and went for a run to sort of turn the day into a mini-duathlon. 

We were all pleased that the rain held off.

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