Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It's Magic!

The timing of our most recent trip to California perfectly coincided with being able to see a couple of friends perform. In both cases we had booked our trip prior to hearing about their plans, but were thrilled we could see them both performing outside of Disneyland.

On Friday night we saw Kimberly perform as a magician's assistant as part of Magician Brock Edwards's comedy magic show. Brock Edwards also performs as an illusionist, and as a hypnotist. The night we went was held in a school yard, most likely as a fundraiser or a "fun" raiser. We were definitely the outsiders as everyone else knew each other. It didn't matter. We were there to see Kimberly get cut in half, be split, disappear, you know -- all the classic magic acts with lots of humor tossed in.

Other than skits on TV (such as an episode of Full House, I don't think I've ever been to a magic show before. It was even more fun seeing the magic performed in person with someone we know as the assistant. After returning home I read the book "The Magician's Assistant" by Ann Patchett. Most of the story was not about magic but about putting together pieces from her recently deceased husband's life, still there were scenes she talked about being a magician's assistant. Those snippets brought Kimberly and Brock's show to life. (I think it was Kimberly who recommended the book to me through, but other friends have told me they also read the book and enjoyed it.) 

Thank you, Kimberly, for bringing us chairs and placing them where we could watch you.

The next night we saw Ragtime Robert perform in Grove City.

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