Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Art All Night Buyer/Seller Reception

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Art All Night -- an event that has proven ten times over that if you build it they will come -- in this case, they will come out to party all night long in the city of Trenton, a city famous for having it sidewalks roll up after the state workers go home.

It is a fabulous event that keeps growing each year. On Father's Day weekend it is held in the Roebling Building, a former factory that has been gutted, cleaned out, and sits vacant most of the other 362 days a year. I have recently heard about other events taking place there, but that took many years.

As usual we each submitted photographs, which we priced at $20 with 100% of the proceeds going to Art All Night. For the first time all three of ours sold! Not an easy task when competing with 1484 other pieces of artwork.

The room was super crowded
The weekend after Art All Night has become the Buyer/Seller Reception and an event where select pieces are displayed. This year the large room in the entrance was solely dedicated to the select artwork. Those that sold were relegated to a tiny, crowded room in the back. I am hoping to find some statistics about how many pieces sold, how many people attended, and how much money they raised. I just checked their website at it has not been updated yet.

Some of the selects

Some of the selects

As Ashley had other plans, Don and I attended. I felt like a crazy stalker person trying to see who bought my photo, but I did it anyway and I was glad. While we did not see who bought Don and Ashley's artwork, I met the lovely lady who bought mine. She is planning a trip to Cuba to celebrate a friend's 60th birthday and plans to give her this picture, unless she decides to keep it. I offered to email her a copy of it. We talked about Cuba and Iceland (the other choice for the destination birthday). She thanked me for donating the proceeds to Art All Night. I thanked her for buying my picture.

UPDATE 6/30: the person who bought Ashley's picture of Kitty Lucy contacted me via LinkedIn. She bought the picture for her son. She tried to search for Ashley, but the only Ashley Pillsbury she found in New Jersey was related to me, so she reached out to me even though we don't know each other. She wanted to let me know that Ashley has a good eye and they like her picture. That made me happy. They've been busy and it took them to today (Thursday) to pick up her picture. Ahh....Odd thing is, she has the same name as someone I know, but it wasn't her.

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