Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lead up to Graduation

We had our ups and downs at Ashley's school. There were things I would have changed, and probably should have pushed harder to change. The science education (or lack of) would be top of the list. We reached a point when I said if she stays that year, barring the school closing (which it was not in jeopardy of doing) she would stay until graduation and enjoy the rights, privileges, and traditions of being the big kid on campus -- finally. Next year she returns to being the small fish in a big pond. Let her enjoy this year.

I wrote some thoughts about it before Spring Break in March, and added to it just after Spring Break with the field trip to Broadway.

As predicted, the last couple of months of the year went by in a blur of traditions and hoopla, culminating with graduation on June 3.

During the year the 8th graders were bus safeties. I hope she enjoyed riding in the back of the bus, because I suspect she'll be relegated to the front again come September.

On Field Day the 8th graders are team captains, which necessitated another class picture (of course).

There was saying good-bye to their second grade prayer buddies -- Ashley and her prayer buddy both think they had the best one.

In early May the 8th graders led May Crowning during their monthly worship service. 

This was followed by trying to take a class picture on the playground on a nice day when everyone was wearing their uniforms. A Herculean task. The weather was rainy in May, there wer at least five students wanting to dress down for their birthdays, and one gil who (rightfully so) took off a week as her grandfather's life was coming to an end, and did pass. I finally took this picture with that girl missing. They went back and retook the picture to include the girl.

The class parents put on an amazing class party -- amazing in its simplicity. Over the years one kid said all they needed to do was have cupcakes and juice boxes and it would be great. They did more than that (including getting their teacher in one of these balls), but it was simple by their standards, and just as much fun. Tet another class picture.

The 8th graders together with the art teacher, Mrs. Gladwell, create a ceiling tile that will stay at the school until they replace the ceilings I suppose.

One of the more charming, and fastest, traditions is the playing of pomp and circumstance on their last day as they walked down the halls for the last time as students. Younger students handed them notes as the passed by. Unfortunately 2nd grade was on their field trip (see the part about her awesome prayer buddy) and was really bummed to miss it. I was surprised how many of them broke down into tears -- even some fairly new to the school. I was also surprised I did not. I used the camera to distance myself from the moment. 

The whole end of the year was bittersweet, as everyone told me it would be. In a blink of an eye I'll be writing a similar post about the end of high school. So not ready.

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