Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lasts and Firsts

A little over two years ago I noted in this blog there just are not that many firsts in your life once you accomplish the ones noted in the baby book (first steps, losing the first tooth). Through grade school you mostly hit a stage of cruise control. I note the first and last day of school each year, but the past six school years in the same school have blurred together. I remembering writing a blog post (which I cannot find now) about how the lasts are sneaking up on me.

The "lasts" are hitting me hard and fast as Ashley is an 8th grader. In just over two months she will graduate the small K-8 Catholic school and starting the large Catholic high school down the street.

This week it was the last time she will wear her winter uniform. With that last, though, comes a first -- first time wearing the sweatshirt announcing where she will be going to school for the next four years.

A few days before that was the last time she will be on that school's stage. The last spring picture day at this school. Her last science fair (she studied what makes bearded dragons change color, using Sandy Claws). Her last Catholic School's week (from 2013). Graduation will be here in a blip of an eye. Between now and then are the class trip to see Lion King on Broadway and the trip to Hershey Park. I'm sure there will be others, just as I am sure I will sniff my way through them.

You see while I am ready for the changes coming, part of me is still clinging to the past. Our little girl will be going to school with MEN. She will be the little one -- a sentiment not seen here since she started kindergarten. She will have choices in the classes she will take (her electives next year will be concert choir, acting, and French -- this is the first time she can choose). She will be changing classes alone and having a locker. She will finally get her first cell phone.

Of course the goal of a parent is to give your child the roots while also giving them wings. 
Proverbs 22:6 sums it up nicely: Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn away from it. 

I am looking forward to seeing where her future brings her.

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