Sunday, August 25, 2013


When a baby is born everything is a first -- first time at church, first smile (or was that gas?), first crawl, first time eating new foods, first tooth, first steps, first time meeting people ... the list goes on and on, with everything noted in the baby book.

Then life levels out and the "firsts" are more rare. First day of school. First lost tooth. First time riding without a booster seat. First lead in a show. Less and less firsts to note.

The summer of Ashley turning 11 we started to hit new "firsts." While not noted in the baby book, they are still big steps for all of us.

First time at sleep-away camp: Ashley spent a weekend at Upper Canada Village.

First flight alone: to Michigan to see her friend from kindergarten

First play date without parents in the house: well, this almost happened when friends invited her over, but would not be home. I ended up staying since it was pouring outside.

First time staying home alone: this is happening more often as we make quick trips to Home Depot.

What's next? First crush? First date? First heartbreak? First broken bone? First time driving a car? 

Time slow down and let us enjoy it all!

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