Friday, August 16, 2013

Tapering for D3

Wednesday's awesome 10 mile run, and today's beautiful weather, lulled me into thinking today's 5 miler would be another awesome run. With two weeks to go until the Dumbo Double Dare, I was hoping for a super run. 

It just wasn't meant to be.

Today I tested out my D3 costume -- include my daughter's Mad Hatter hat. The hat bothered me, especially behind the ear. Do I scrap the costume idea or deal with it for the 10K because it would look cute in the pictures and might help me go slower and save energy for the next day's half marathon?

Wednesday I stretched the first time in ages. Today I didn't. Should I go back to stretching for a few minutes? Seems like the research is mixed on the pros and cons of stretching.

Wednesday I ate a Kind bar part-way through. Today I left it at home. 

Were my legs just still tired from two days ago?

I'll try to take it easy this weekend and see how I feel on Monday. T-2 weeks until D3!

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