Friday, August 16, 2013

SparkleSkirts vs. Team Sparkle

Google Sparkle Skirts or visit a RunDisney race expo and you quickly learn there are two companies making the same basic product: SparkleSkirts and Team Sparkle.

The yellow one is from SparkleSkirts. The green one is from Team Sparkle.

Both are made in the USA. I'm under the impression SparkleSkirts is made in Florida, and Team Sparkle makes theirs in California, but that is based on a conversation with Ernie, who dressed as Belle, just before the Princess Half Marathon

SparkleLight Skirts cost $30.
Team Sparkle Skirts cost $25.

After I received my Team Sparkle Skirt in the mail, hubby said next time spend the extra $5 for the SparkleLight Skirt. After wearing both of them, I'm on the fence.

The SparkleLight Skirt has a wider waist band, with a hidden pocket in it. The bottom is hemmed. The skirt is a little longer, which helps hide the shorts you wear beneath it.

The Team Sparkle Skirt has little extra flair with the ruffle and weighs less, which is also a plus. 

I'll be wearing one of each during the Dumbo Double Dare weekend in two weeks. I can let you know how they hold up during races. I like the extra little sparkle and have even taken to wearing them during training runs, and definitely during non-Disney races.


  1. So have you ever worn the SparkleSkirt with built in shorts? They just seem really heavy to me. Curious to hear how things go in TWO WEEKS!!!!

  2. No, but I have wanted to try them. I bought a Sparkle Bottom last week. It looked like it would only fit a Barbie Doll! It did stretch, and stay in place, but I had my doubts when I took it out of the box. The people are very nice.