Saturday, December 1, 2012

Opening Night "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Three and a half months ago Ashley auditioned for "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" at Somerset Valley Players in Hillsborough, NJ. This is the same theater where we had our stage debut four years ago in "It's a Wonderful Life." Like IAWL, LWW has been a magical experience.

Ashley was thrilled when the phone rang back in August and she was offered the part of Lucy, the little girl who discovers Narnia. Huge grins! The cast met for a read-through a few days later on what was supposed to be call-back night.

For the first two months the cast mostly rehearsed in the director's basement in Flemington, NJ. It seemed like a giant play date as Ashley bonded with Julia, the girl playing her sister, Susan. Julia is also the director's daughter, so rehearsals were in her house.

Last month, the cast moved to the theater. That's where the true magic takes place. Slowly the scenery, costumes, music and lighting were added. Two days before the invited dress rehearsal (SVP invites the local senior citizens to a free show) it seemed impossible that everything would fall into place. Anyone involved with theater will tell you this is normal. 

As if by Narnian magic, the show opened. Everyone was fully dressed. The lights and music were happening as they should. The audience breathed life into the show simply by reacting to the story as it unfolded on stage.

Opening night was a sell out! The theater only seats 100 people. The audience was mostly made up of family members, and theater friends. Afterwards they have an opening night party. We stayed for about an hour catching up with friends. Big grins were seen on the faces of the entire cast! Way to go, Narnians!

Here are a couple of teaser pictures from the play. Many more will be posted after everyone has a chance to see the production.

Tickets are selling quickly. They anticipate sell outs. You can order your tickets HERE. Autographs are available after the show. ;) 

Click here for Cast Photos

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