Thursday, March 10, 2016

I wish I was more observant

Today, March 10, 2016, was a beautiful 80 degree day in New Jersey. 

Let that sink in a bit. Certainly beats the years we are still shoveling snow this time of year.

EIGHTY degrees in March. The windows and doors are fully open. The air smells like spring erupting.

Too hot for a run, but not too hot for a walk. While strolling through Mercer Meadows I saw a man with a serious pair of binoculars around his neck. I casually asked if he saw any good birds on his walk. I did not notice his Cannon camera. Not only did he see some nice birds he saw a frog in the puddle around the bend and took a picture of him (which he shared with me).

What does this have to do with my being more observant?

When I asked where he saw the frog he said it was around the bend in the puddle that is always there. There is a puddle always there? I walked past this long puddle just to the left of the path when I realized that was probably the spot he was talking about. I tried to find the frog, but either he was well camouflaged, or he moved. 

The same man showed me a picture of a big bird near some crows. I found the crows (they were loud) but not the bird.

Our really brief conversation made me wonder what else I was walking by every day and not really seeing or noticing. I'm often lost in my own thoughts when I am out for a walk or a run not seeing the rest of the world around me. I should try to change that.

I recently had a conversation with a friend. We both said just how easily swayed we are by a change in hair and make-up. How we are great audience members because we fall for the magic every time. It is one thing to be fooled when it is part of the plan (such as when one actress plays two parts at Disney -- shh!), it is another thing when that person is a friend, or even a family member. I have a friend who recently went from being a classic blonde to a fiery redhead. I told her I would not recognize her in public. Sure enough, I've seen her three times since then and she has had to say hi to me first. The fourth time she might just keep on walking incognito. I hardly recognize my own daughter when she wears her Captain Hook costume.

Someone challenged me to see God's beauty in this world. With the nicer weather here (hopefully to stay for many months). I'm going to try harder to become more observant. To see God's hand in the magic that is Spring.

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