Thursday, March 17, 2016

Don's US Acting Debut

Three years ago in a little village in Nikko, Japan Don had his acting debut. It was a very spur of the moment experience when he was pulled out of the audience to perform in front of a crowd that mostly consisted of our group, plus a few strangers. The lines were put on cue sheets (in Japanese, but with a familiar alphabet), which he had to try to pronounce. He was a great sport.

Fast forward a bit to 2014. Two of the dads in the school play were given a small cameo when the play called for the Evil Witch to use a potion to turn herself into a man. The parts were played by the Evil Witches' dads. Last year a couple of other dads played the priest in the wedding scene of "Sound of Music." As the dad of an 8th grader (and also the stage manager for the school plays), Don asked to be cast in a cameo.

His wish was granted when he was cast as someone from the Humane Society who went up to complain to Captain Hook, played by Ashley. We kept this a secret from everyone not involved with the show.

Their dialogue went as follows:

PARENT:  Ahoy there, I’m from the Humane Society, are you the Captain?

HOOK: Humane…I’m not familiar with the word.

PARENT:  Shocking.  I have a report of you mistreating a crocodile; this says you’ve been feeding it clocks…

HOOK:  That croc took my hand!

PARENT:  You must have antagonized the poor creature. Crocodiles are docile unless provoked.

HOOK:  Get off my ship. (threatens with sword)

PARENT:  What would your mother say if she saw you acting this way?

HOOK:  You know…you look a lot like my dad…for that you need to walk the plank!

PARENT: (walks the plank) Well, just remember, you have a mother that loves you very much.

PARENT sings "Here I am to protect the land, I'm your Natural Resource Man." (From the "Rockin' Tale of Snow White.")

All the while he was acting in his scene he tried to remember what the director tells the students: look for the mike, cheat, come on at the right time, don't bunch up, etc. etc.

Click HERE to see part of their performance. Clearly I need more practice videotaping.

They both did great. Don said he was surprised by how much fun the other kids have watching him go on stage.

Don in his usual role as Stage Manager. With Ashley in her usual role as actress.

Now Don has acted in two continents. That's more than I can say.

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