Thursday, March 17, 2016

Abraham vs. Moses

Someone asked me recently if I feel I am more like Abraham or Moses.

I needed some clarification before answering that question.

In a nutshell, Moses lived his life in the same general area. He took on different roles throughout his life, but his ZIP code didn't really change (I know, they didn't have ZIP codes in Biblical times, work with me on the analogy.)

Abraham on the other hand moved throughout his life as his life changed.

Which am I?

Without hesitation, Abraham.

I haven't been shy about my desire to move closer to where Ashley will be attending high school. A move that would only entail going across town, actually closer to where we used to live.

Over the years we have toyed with large moves (often tied to potential career moves for Don) -- out towards Harrisburg, PA or down to Delaware, or a fantasy move to Bexley, OH, a fleeting move to Malaysia, but here we stay. Before Don and I met I had lived in an apartment with my parents, then in Dumont, NJ, then in Paramus, NJ before spending a year in three different homes in Belgium, on campus, and an anticipated move to Paris for three months. I have now lived in this house longer than any of those other places. I never actually imagined living here for 16 years. He had (for the most part) lived with his parents in Ewing, before moving to a home in Trenton with the same ZIP code as his childhood home. Even this house has a match of four out of five digits on the ZIP code.

While I don't picture living in this house for the rest of my life, I also don't imagine the other extreme of living out of a backpack and traveling the world constantly, but something in-between would be nice.

Life is often about those in-betweens.

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