Friday, February 1, 2013

Catholic Schools Week 2013

Catholic Schools week is a chance for the normal routine to be broken and for a little fun and levity to enter the school. Parents decorate classroom doors. Students have dress down days. Friday was a half day.

The official reason for this national celebration of Catholic education is to:
gather in unity to share knowledge, enjoy each other's company,  and honor those who help our school to provide the academic excellence and spiritual values that make it a special place.

I like my explanation better.

During the week parents are invited into the classroom to see the teachers teach one lesson (my teacher friends are probably cringing at the thought of having a bunch of parents in the classroom, but it is only for 80 minutes a year, 80 minutes that are announced way in advance so you can plan your most exciting lesson possible and have the parents thrilled their child is in your class).

We can also have lunch with our kids. What this means is us parents drive out of our way to pick up a treat to share with our child at a time our grown-up bellies cannot fathom eating, and when most places are not yet serving lunch. Seriously, it is a treat to get that sneak peek into the school cafeteria.

We also had a chance to peek at the projects the kids have been working on in school. 

A highlight for a student who always wears a uniform, though, is a dress down day! This week included 2 1/2 dress down days -- the half was crazy hat/crazy sock day, but still wearing the rest of the uniform. PJ day was a definite favorite. No, Lucy Kitty did not go to school with Ashley.

Other fun activities included service projects, mystery readers, an assembly by a Martial Arts Group, Bingo! (it is Catholic school, after all), Drop Everything And Read, Grandparent Visitation Day (sadly, only up to grade 4), pretzel day, ice cream sundae day, volleyball game between the teachers and the 8th graders, breakfast for the staff, swapping classes with their prayer buddies (Ashley's class went to 2nd grade, while 2nd grade went to 5th grade).

Whew! A busy week! 

Somehow Ashley's teacher still found time for tests, projects, lessons, and homework. Fortunately it was lighter than most weeks.

Monday resumes the regular routine. 

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