Thursday, February 7, 2013

Excuse the mess

Buoyed by the bathroom transformation, I'm ready to think about tackling the family room. How's that for a commitment statement? Trouble is I have no idea what family color to even consider. I'm not at the stage for "is this shade better than that one?" More I'm trying to figure out while part of ROY G. BIV spectrum is best for this room. The budget for this project: ideally the cost of two gallons of paint, but we all know that won't happen (see bathroom transformation).

Please excuse the mess. Non-tidy rooms make for much better "before shots." The room has a chair rail in the middle, thus encouraging one color on top and one on the bottom (just to make choosing colors that much more complicated).

The Coca-Cola border is going. That is what we used to choose our colors the first time around. The Coca-Cola ceiling fan and other Coca-Cola memorabilia (including the Coke cans from around the world collection) is staying. 

I love this old (blue) steamer trunk that we transformed into Ashley's dress-up area. She is phasing out of dress-up, saving her costume wearing for plays and the Lenape Village. I'm also looking for ideas of what we can use this trunk for. 

The family room looks into the kitchen. The kitchen is also due for a new paint job. Leaning towards a Benjamin Moore True Blue. If money were no object, I would put in a Portugal/Spanish blue/white/and yellow tile back splash. Part of the hold up on the kitchen project is deciding if we are replacing all or part of the back splash. With the openness, the kitchen color is a consideration.

The green couch and love seat are staying. After 18 years (gasp!) they are in desperate need of replacing, but not happening just yet. Likewise, the grey carpet could stand to be replaced, but not quite yet.

Over the 12 1/2 years we have lived in this house we have gone from a shade over white to much brighter, more vivid colors. I see this room also being painted in a bright, vivid color. We've been leaning towards the Benjamin Moore Historical Colors collection.

We encourage color suggestions. so long as you recognize we are not painting the room in ALL the colors suggested, nor are we picking a color out of a hat (even though that is a tempting suggestion).

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