Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lost Earrings

I have a bad habit of losing earrings. I'm sure most of my friends with pierced ears can relate to the feeling of frustration and annoyance that comes from losing a favorite earring. I'm sure this is the case with most of my friends, I only lose earrings I like because I tend to wear my favorite earrings.

Last October I lost the match to the earring on the left while walking around German Village in Columbus, OH. In December I lost the one on the right while walking around Central Park in New York City. 

It stinks!

Years earlier I lost a pearl earring Don had given me when we were engaged. I turned it into a ring.

When I lost the dragonfly earring I told Don I might turn the misfit earrings into a charm bracelet. "Or," I said suddenly inspired, "I should just buy two pairs when I find earrings I really like this way I'll have a back up!

Valentine's Day this year Don not only remembered my comment, he bought me two pairs of the same earrings. In theory the problem should be solved. In reality, Ashley thinks the second pair is for her ears! We have the same taste in earrings and Ashley prefers raiding my jewelry box to wearing ones from her own collection.  

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

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