Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Art All Night

Art All Night is a fabulous 24-hours of art in Trenton. I blogged about it in 2015 and 2011. The basic premise has only expanded to include more music, more forms of art (including an iron pour and graphic graffiti). It seems to grow in popularity each year. It is definitely more popular at night than during daylight. Someone said it seemed to pick up around 9 PM -- ironic for a city with a reputation for rolling up its carpets after the state workers go home.

11:30 PM

1 PM

The artist's mother and grandmother
This year 1483 people displayed pieces of art -- so many they took to hanging some of them from the ceiling and other new places. Some of the pieces seemed larger this year, too. A friend's son had a full-sized door with a peephole showing an 8 mm film loop of the Jersey shore in the 1950s (I'll admit given some of the art shown at this event, I was not going to "peep" first, this was before I knew who the artist was.)

As has become tradition, we each submitted an 8 x 10 framed photograph, set the price at $20, and had 100% of the proceeds donated back to ArtWorks. For the first time, all three of our images sold, ensuring we did not have to return at 3:15 PM to pick up our art. As the drop off line this year was nearly an hour long, we were not looking forward to the pick up line. It was nice to skip that and be able to get to 5 PM church on time.

Our art:

Don's -- of a waterfall in Iceland

Mine is on top: the Malecon in Havana, Cuba.
Ashley's is on the bottom of Kitty Lucy yawning.
Both times we bumped into friends. I later noted most of the people we saw who we knew were from Ashley's school, though we did see neighbors, and people from other parts of our lives. Seeing schoolmates made me realize it was a good school to send Ashley to for six years.

Here are a few other images from that event:

Don's artwork in context

By one of Ashley's friends (Michelle)

Our art in context

At a less crowded moment

Don's mom came with us

George created the suit of armor
The following weekend we were invited to the buyer/seller reception.

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