Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Disneyland's 60th Anniversary

Two years between visits to Disneyland is a long time for us. We last went in 2014 for Kimberly and John's wedding. At the time I wanted to return a year later for the 60th anniversary celebrations, but plans to go to Iceland and Cuba got in the way financially. We fell in love with Disneyland in May 2005 when Ashley was three years old and Disneyland pulled out all of its stops for their golden anniversary. Eleven years later when you talk to cast members, a certain wistful look crosses their face when the words 50th anniversary cross your lips. (By the way, a "year" at Disneyland = 18 months in order to capture two summers)

It was magical.

Unfortunately that magic was not recreated. The 50th had 50 hidden 50s in the park, collages of pictures people sent in, gilded cars on the original attractions, characters who rode rides with children, and played games with them every morning. If I had been blogging back then, I would link to that post now. Perhaps after I catch up from the whirlwind otherwise known as June 2016, I will post some pictures from that magical and amazing era. 

The 60th Diamond Celebration was not that. 

The 60th decorations included some bunting along Main Street, six special photo spots, and a diamond look to the castle. People even joking said "what 60th anniversary decorations?"

Here are a few pictures, only because there really aren't any other decorations. Not worth the flight to see these in person, but it was a good excuse to return.

California Adventure caught the 60th wave,
even though they are only 15 years old.

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