Thursday, June 30, 2016

New York Historical Society

The other purpose for the trip to New York City was to see the Mo Willems exhibit at the New York Historical Society. After standing in a crowd for nearly two hours it was nice to walk and stretch our legs as Ashley and I hoofed it from 46th Street to 71st Street (170 Central Park West, to be precise). There I learned this was built in 1804 and is the second oldest museum in the United States (the oldest is the Charleston Museum). 

I fell in love with Mo Willems books when "Today I Will Fly" became the first book Ashley read by herself. I was surprised to learn the Elephant and Piggie series debuted in 2007 when Ashley was five. It just ended with his 25th book in the series called the "Thank You Book." I sniffed a bit at the end of that era, even though I have only read about a half dozen of the books in the series. 

I should have taken a bunch of pictures in the room, but I read something that said taking pictures was prohibited. Rule follower than I am, I did not take any pictures, but this sign at the entrance. (Note, I read this after taking other pictures.)

The exhibit had "phones" so we could hear him talking. I was enamored by them, but I suspect Ashley was afraid of lice and refused to listen, hence I only stopped at a few stations. There was so many neat tidbits to learn, such as Mo Williams used to work for Sesame Street, hence Elmo's name (the Mo), or so he'd like to believe. Gerald (of Elephant and Piggie fame) has a name. Say Elephant Gerald fast and you discover who he was named for. Piggie he believed did not need a name, that he just looked like a Piggie and was secure in not having a name (Gerald, on the other hand, is a big worry wart). 

The museum will soon have a huge Hamilton exhibit (just as Frozen is taking over Disneyland, Hamilton is taking over Manhattan). Sounds like it will mostly include items they already own, just displayed more cohesively and with some additions.

Federalist Papers

They also had a Picasso that was used as a curtain for a play (Le Tricorne). It was enormous and in excellent condition. I did not take a picture of that.

I do want to note we received free admission courtesy of our local library's museum pass program. Visit you library's website to see if they have a similar program.

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