Saturday, September 13, 2014

Little Free Library

Beauty and the Beast jokes aside, Don gave me a library for my birthday. A "Little Free Library" to be exact. My library was built by Art, a local retiree who enjoys taking on small woodworking projects. I admired the Little Free Libraries he built for Lawrenceville Main Street and placed in Weeden Park.

The idea behind the Little Free Library movement is to "take a book, return a book." Their initial goal was to create more than the 2,509 libraries than Andrew Carnegie built in the late 19th, early 20th century. Started in 2009, by January 2014 there were over 15,000 Little Free Libraries registered. Many others exist that have not been registered. Mine has been registered (or will be once we finish filling out the paperwork).

The library has already become a conversation piece with our neighbors. People stop me to ask about it. They smile as I explain the concept. They also add books to it. At least one person has borrowed books from it. 

To me the project is simply a book swap.

To the people at Little Free Library it is a mission. According to them I should alert the media about the box and have a team of volunteers at the ready to stock the box. I also need to have a suggestion book for comments. I should also put a flyer in everyone's mailbox explaining what is happening. I should join the Little Free Library groups on Facebook and other social media. Of course, I should only stock it with "good books" and figure out what types of books I want to specialize in swapping.

I want to keep it simple. Neighbors have already put books in the box. Today I picked up a bag of about 50 books for $3 at the Friends of Ewing Library books sale. I plan to print copies of this blog post and leave it in the box for people to read. Long term we are talking about putting a bench in front of the house to encourage people to sit and read.

Hopefully through this box I can get to know our neighbors. After living here for 14 years that should not be too much to ask.

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