Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six Flags: so not Disney

Last weekend as part of my birthday celebrations (which included getting my own library), we spent the weekend at Six Flags New England, or as I "affectionately" call the place: Not Disney.

Driving up to Agawam, MA Don and I recalled once we started visiting Disneyland so often, we stopped going to Six Flags because we spent so much time wishing we were at Disneyland. When we heard about the Roller Coaster Race, though, we thought we'd give it a try. The Roller Coaster Race weekend has a riding coaster 5K challenge, and/or a running 5K or 10K race challenge. More about the event in a future blog post.

Six Flags does have characters. I think we saw about 6 of them. They do not have face characters. I only saw them in one spot and only two at a time.  The girls were good sports about posing with them. Well, this is the only picture I have of them posing with characters.

Six Flags seemed to be all about the rides. Which is great if you are really into the rides, not so great if you are not. I was interested in seeing a show and finding shade to escape from the heat.

Six Flags only prints one map a year listing all of the special events for that year. Disney prints new ones weekly. I was bummed to learn I missed shows by one week and was in that lull between summer and Halloween.

Six Flags doesn't try very hard to help you find lost items. Don's hat flew off on a ride. We could see it from the fence. Other hats were in the same area. I get that they can't pick it up while coasters are swooshing overhead, but they couldn't pick it up and contact us in the week following filling out the form?

Sounds like it will be a while before we visit another Six Flags.

UPDATE: 10 days later the hat we could see from the fence has not shown up, but the camera we thought was missing forever just arrived in the mail today -- complete with the missing pictures. :)

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