Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Rossi's. For Trenton area people the one word conjures up an image of a Rossiburger way too big for one person to finish, yet somehow we all manage to do it. 

Well, maybe it was too big for Ashley. She ate at least half of the burger.

When news started coming out that Rossi's planned to close their original location in the Chambersburg section of Trenton -- their home for 81 years -- and moving to Hamilton, we realized we wanted to have one last meal at Rossi's.

Other than the statewide ban on smoking, the place hasn't change in 80 years. No sign of a vegetarian entree. The burgers still get top billing. The new location will be near the Golden Dawn diner, but the exact spot is still a secret. The plan is to shut their doors in Trenton on May 31, and reopen in Hamilton in mid-June. We'll let you know if the burgers are still the same.

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