Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adventures in Dining

Every so often I impress myself with how organized I can be. Last weekend we decided to drive up to Boston to see Don's Aunt Elva. Four weeks ago she suffered a stroke. At 97 you expect the worst. Fortunately she is not like most 97 year olds -- she lives in her old place and that night entertained family for dinner. She rocks!

Back to the topic: adventures in dining. Before leaving NJ I decided to research a lunch location halfway to Boston. We are one of those last hold outs for getting a Smart phone. Looking at the route, Danbury, CT would be the halfway point. I went to Tripadvisor's website and narrowed down the search until I found a sandwich shop. It found Amigo's Deli -- a restaurant serving Dominican food. It seemed to get good reviews. As a bonus, it was only a mile out of our way and was next door to a pizza place and a Chinese restaurant.

Don and I each had rice, beans and chicken for lunch. Ashley had a burger. The owner was very helpful. He explained everything and gave us a sample of oxtail and plantain. Yes, I tried them.

It was very good -- and cheap. We'd be willing to go again.

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