Wednesday, May 28, 2014

COSI museum (Columbus. OH)

1964 was a momentous year. Don was born. Ashley's school was founded. Wawa was started. It was also the year that COSI was started in Columbus, OH. 

When taking Ashley to COSI last might I made a stab at what the acronym stands for. I came up with Columbus, Ohio Science Institute. I got one out of four letters right. It stands for the Center Of Science and Industry. 

I remember visiting the place years ago when it was in its old location -- downtown near the original Wendy's. A "few" years ago (read that as more than a decade) it moved to the site of a former high school. Some elements of that old building have been retained, but it mostly feels like a brand-new place.

For Ashley the highlight was riding a unicycle on a high wire and waving to me down below. She had no troubles waiting 45 minutes with our friend Heidi and our cousin Laura.

I am very proud of her for doing that AND making it look easy. Many others needed the "hook" to come out and rescue them.

We did not spend nearly enough time in the museum. I loved roaming the halls of Progress. Back in the old building they just had the 1898 section, where you could see what life was like a LONG time ago. They have since added 1962, where kids could see what life was like a LONG time ago, while adult reminisced about those times. For instance, Heidi taught Ashley what it really means to "dial" a phone. Our phones are old by most standards, but even we have upgraded to push button phones. 

When we went we were lucky that their traveling exhibit was about Sherlock Holmes. Of course Laura, Ashley and I immediately through of our Uncle Drew (follow the link to visit his blog). Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures in this section. It was all so cool! Via a gramophone recording, Sherlock Holmes instructed us on how to solve a mystery. We had to study the clues and go to different stations to gather more information. In the end, only one of us (Heidi) got it right, but we all had fun trying.

There is so much more to do! Next time we need to bring Don and allow a lot more than just two hours.

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