Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thompson Street 2017

I was in Bordentown on October 30, so I took a sneak peek at Thompson Street. The first year we saw it, the theme was Alice in Wonderland. Ahh... Last year we took a sneak peek before Don's surgery, and the theme seemed to be spiders. Ew.... I wasn't sure what to expect this year. Saturday's weather was perfect for decorating. Sunday it POURED (over five inches in some places near us, not sure how Bordentown fared). Monday and Tuesday have been super windy.

This year's theme is Peter Pan. Here are pictures so you can enjoy it for yourself.

The lead house -- yes, there is a house behind that pirate ship

I wanted to ask him how long it takes to make his 100s of
Jack O-Lanterns, but I dared not disturb him.

It is the little details that make it all the more special.
If Don and Ashley are up for it, we'll return in the next day or two and see how things changed. There is a lot to absorb.

UPDATE: Don and I went back last night. It is quite a party scene on Halloween! They even had a mini Mummers Parade through the crowds.

185 pumpkins -- less this year due to the carver's case of tendinitis

Chris, why don't you move while playing the bass?

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